Auden’s Col : The Holy Grail of trekking in the Himalayan region of Garhwal in Uttarakhand, offering the finest multi-terrain challenge you will encounter.

One of the most shaded and unexplored trails in Uttarakhand, Auden’s Col is a pass bridging the peaks of Jogin I and Gangotri II. Perched at a mind numbing height of 5,490 m, the pass takes its name after John Bicknell Auden who first traversed the pass in 1939. The trek stems from Gangotri, stretches over rocky terrain, narrow ridges, and cliffs, and ends at the popular pilgrim site of Kedarnath. The ending trail winds through classic alpine meadows, rustic villages, and dense forests. A fairly challenging trek, Auden’s Col unveils striking views of lofty neighbours like Rudragaira, Gangotri and Bhagirathi peaks, and Kedar Dome.

Uttarakhand – 15D/14N – 5490 Mts. – May/June/September/October

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The itinerary is as follows:

Day 01 – Drive from Haridwar to Uttarkashi

Day 02 – Drive to Gangotri

Day 03 – Acclimatisation day at Gangotri; Trek towards Bhoj Kharak and back

Day 04 – Trek from Gangotri to Nalla Camp

Day 05 – Trek from Nalla Camp to Gangotri I Base Camp

Day 06 – Rest & Acclimatisation day at Gangotri I Base Camp

Day 07 – Trek from Gangotri I Base Camp to Auden’s Col Base Camp

Day 08 – Pass Day – Cross Auden’s Col, and trek to Khatling Glacier Camp I

Day 09 – Glacier Walk; Trek to Khatling Glacier Camp II

Day 10 – Trek from Khatling Glacier Camp to Tambakund (Khatling Cave)

Day 11 – Buffer Day

Day 12 – Trek from Khatling Cave to Kharsoli

Day 13 – Trek from Kharsoli to Gangi

Day 14 – Trek from Gangi to Ghuttu

Day 15 – Drive from Ghuttu to Haridwar; Depart for Delhi


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